Startup Incubator & Venture Builder For Entrepreneurs

Support Without Funding For Startups

Startup Incubator / Venture Building

Ideation, Validation, and Investment To Grow Your Ideas Into A Technology Startup

NEXEA Startup Incubator / Venture Building is a service for entrepreneurs without strong business plan that fits our criteria. This gives entrepreneurs that do not need funding a chance to work with our top mentors and to also get huge support from our experts and partners.

What is a Startup Incubator / Venture Builder?

Venture builders, business incubators, or investor startup studios bring in early-stage external startups and help them grow by providing them with expertise.

At the very end of the spectrum, some VC firms are growing closer to the startup studio model by intervening very operationally in the startup they invest; for instance Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures. However, this participation is usually limited to some areas, such as recruitment, fund raising, or PR relations.

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Benefits of a Startup Incubator / Venture Builder
1. Validate if you have a strong idea/plan or are in a large enough market

2. Receive advice on recruiting, engineering, operations, automated processes, technology platforms and more

3. Reduce the costs of launching and operating a startup through free benefits and services

4. Receive Marketing and PR help

5. Support from Mentors with vast entrepreneurial experience

6. Access to Workshops and Business Training

7. Access to the Incubator’s / Venture Builder’s extensive network

8. Develop your team’s skills required to run a Startup

9. Boost motivation & morale by meeting like-minded entrepreneurs

10. Startups who use Incubators / Venture Builders are more likely to succeed

How NEXEA’s Startup Incubator / Venture Builder works

The Four Core Components, From Ideation to Exit


NEXEA can help develop small ideas into much stronger ones with our ideation experience. We also have a repository of ideas that could use a group of entrepreneurs to build.


We help validate business plans to see if it can survive idea validation, market validation, and growth validation with minimal cost to the Startup. No point trying something on your own that could waste most of your time & money.


We start out with pilot funding for companies that have validated their idea and would like to pursue market validation. This usually ranges from 50-100k depending on early forms of traction. 


We continuously help the company to grow via mentoring by the top investors in their class (IPO, M&A, PLCs). These ex-entrepreneurs are known for sharing their experience, knowledge & network.


Business Network, Knowledge & Experience Support

By Successful Ex-Entrepreneurs (IPO, M&A, CXOs) & Angel Investors

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Business Function, Startup Network & Investor Network Support

Fundraising, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Strategy

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Technology, Consulting, Sponsorship & Grant Support

Up to RM1,500,000 Cloud Services & Support per company

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NEXEA Startup Incubator / Venture Building Process

How We Incubate / Venture Build To Create Future Technology Giants



  • Form up a solid pitch deck
  • Look for co-founders with a solid framework
  • Pitch to the NEXEA Investment Committee
  • Validate the idea thoroughly



  • Build up an early MVP
  • Test the idea with the market
  • Fail hard, fail fast, reiterate
  • Validate the fundamentals of a Startup



  • Fast track to the Accelerator process
  • Get initial funding
  • Get full support from NEXEA
  • Validate growth

NEXEA VC, Angel Investors & Accelerator Supporting Partners

Corporates, Ecosystem Players, & Government Agencies Supporting NEXEA Startups


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Venture Building / Startup Incubator Requirements

Pre-requisites for Building Companies via The NEXEA Venture Building Program

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Applicants should be decisive, open-minded, and are expected to gather a team of co-founders on their own. You need to be able to scale and grow as a founder to build a company at an accelerated speed.

Persistence & Determination

Applicants should understand that entrepreneurship is one of the toughest journies in the world, and much more so with NEXEA. You need to have very strong persistence & determination to survive and build up a billion dollar company.

Based in Malaysia

For mentoring purposes, we only accept Malaysia based founders / companies where a majority of the team is local.

Personal Runway & Stake

Applicants should have a personal runway (cash savings) of at least 6 months to sustain yourself as bootstrapping is recommended and required in the early phases of venture building. We are looking for people who have skin in the game – as we do take a huge risk with you as well.

Startup Incubator / Venture Building Application

Please share your Linkedin/CV information so that our team can match you against suitable venture building ideas.

We take in entrepreneurs at any point in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies are we building?

NEXEA builds tech giants of the future together with teams of entrepreneurs. These are companies that have the potential to disrupt or shift existing traditional industries using technology. We also look for companies that can grow to a minimum size of 1 billion in valuations to justify the amount of risk we are taking. We venture into companies that are capital efficient only – meaning that investments should ideally go into technology & growth. 

Why does NEXEA provide Startup Incubator / Venture Building services?

We are Entrepreneurs ourselves, and we see opportunity everywhere we turn in the Startup world. More often than not, we see many Startup ideas that do not work based on our experience. Waiting for entrepreneurs to find the right business idea can take quite a while, and at any point in time, there are many traditional industries that entrepreneurs have yet to disrupt using technology.

Using our experience in Startup idea validation, market validation, growth validation, support services, investment advice, real mentoring, and more, we believe our Startup incubator / Venture Building services can help nurture the next generation of tech giants.

Why we do not hire our entrepreneurs to build companies

We are strong believers in the Entrepreneur who takes control of the company to build something great. No hired person usually have the responsibility and dedication to push a company through the toughest of times. 

Startup Incubator & Venture Builder

For our startup incubator/venture builder program, NEXEA is looking for strong entrepreneurs without a clear business plan. ✔️ We validate your business model.

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