The science of Coporate Innovation

List of Corporate Innovation Services in Malaysia and Singapore

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About Corporate Innovation Corporate innovation services can be defined as the process of enterprises implementing new innovation opportunities into existing business models. Established companies who engage in corporate innovation typically have a dedicated team towards innovation efforts. Others might want to explore Corporate Innovation Services who are specialized in helping traditional companies adapt to today’s environment. In the past, corporations …


Bridging the Innovation Divide – A Corporate Innovation Methodology in Sight?

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“Industry 4.0” is definitely the catchphrase of business leaders these days, although it is just a small part of Corporate Innovation methodology. Recognising the importance of this phenomenon, funds have been set up in search of better (even unique) solutions for businesses in search of new disruptive business models, topline and profitability enhancement. As the famed investor Peter Thiel says; …

malaysia 2 billion venture capital private equity

Malaysia Will Launch A RM2 Billion VC/PE Matching Grant To Support Startups

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Nov 2, 2018 is a great day for Startups in Malaysia, and turbulent day for venture capital in Malaysia on the announcement of the matching grant. Let me explain what’s good and bad about it. But before that, here is the official statement from the government of Malaysia: 135. TWO: Government-Linked Investment Funds will similarly allocate RM2 billion in matching …

accelerators in malaysia

Complete List of Top Startup Accelerators in Malaysia

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Update Nov 2018: More information added about accelerators in Malaysia. Update June 2018: More Accelerators have been added below! Update Nov 2017: We are proud to announce that NEXEA Accelerator is now working in collaboration with Sunway iLabs to combine our strengths and provide Startups with the best Accelerator experience in the region. Do check out our Startup Accelerator in …

Why Southeast Asia is so attractive for Venture Capital and Private Equity

Why Southeast Asia is so Attractive for Venture Capital and Private Equity

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Southeast Asia Growing in Popularity Southeast Asia came from far in its aim to be an attractive investment area. Over the past years the region experienced a strong economic growth. Since 2012, Southeast Asian startups were able to put in more money than the year before. In a market with over 600 million consumers together with the world’s fastest growing …

Reflections from my Internship at NEXEA

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At the end of my five-week Internship at NEXEA, I would like to put the top three lessons which I have learnt in writing. The purpose of this is to clarify my own thoughts and to produce an article which I hope will be useful for others. The importance of the startup fundamentals and standing out One of my main …

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How to secure the right short term loan/financing options for your startup

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The classic financing problem for startups Entrepreneurs are often well versed with an archetypal cash flow problem but not really understand their loan options. They deliver their goods/service and then may be made to wait 90 days prior to receiving payment – particularly in the B2B market. In the meantime, they must pay ongoing operational costs. As a result, these …

iflix viu astro business model breakdown

iFlix Business Model Breakdown Analysis vs Netflix, Viu, Astro

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iFlix is a subscription video-on-demand (VoD) service focused on emerging markets. Its global headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and they are present in 25 countries today with 150 content partnerships and dozens of telco partnerships. They self-funded via their own fund, Catcha Group for $30 million. They recorded 200,000 subscribers by Nov 2015. Today, they have raised more than …