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About NEXEA Angel Investors

Early Stage Startup Investment Funding For Technology Startups in Southeast Asia

The NEXEA Investors/Mentors seek investment oppurtunities in technology startups which can showcase revenue and potential future growth.

NEXEA Angel Investors are all experienced business owners and/or C-level professionals who are able to provide more than just funding for your startup. We also provide mentorship & support through industry experts & mentors.

Angel Investors are valuable for startups because they are not as focused on monetary gains as traditional sources of funding. Instead, most Angel investors have already achieved success in their careers and are now looking for ways to give back and support ideas and entrepreneurs.

What is an Angel Investor?

Angel Investor

Angel Investors are wealthy individuals who provide capital for startups. The funding can turn an idea into an actual company and form the foundation for the company to start offering its products/services.

Angel Investors provide more value than just funding a startup. These wealthy individuals also share & invest their knowledge and expertise to support a startup’s growth. 

The mentorship and guidance Angel Investors can provide is what sets them apart from more traditional funding methods. Angel Investors build a close relationship with the startups they invest in. They monitor the startup throughout their growth process and provide advice and insights when necessary.

Another major advantage Angel Investors can provide for startups, is the access to the individual’s network. As Angel Investors are usually individuals who held/are holding executive positions at corporations or successful entrepreneurs, they have a wide network of experts who they can introduce to a startup.

Angel Investor

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VC/Angel Startup Mentors, Startup Experts, and Support Partners


Business Network, Knowledge & Experience Support

By Successful Ex-Entrepreneurs (IPO, M&A, CXOs) & Angel Investors

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Business Function, Startup Network & Investor Network Support

Fundraising, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Strategy

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Technology, Consulting, Sponsorship & Grant Support

Up to RM1,500,000 Cloud Services & Support per company

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VC & Accelerator Startup Funding Numbers

Investment Statistics of  NEXEA Companies


Startups Funded


Post-Accelerator Funding


Top Investors & Mentors

3X to 16X

Yearly Startup Growth


Consolidated Revenues

50K to 1M

Funding Range

VC Startup Fund & Accelerator Application Requirements

Startup Investment Guidelines For Companies Looking For Capital And Support

Startup funding is reserved for technology Startups that meet our Startup Fundamentals criteria. Below is a rough guideline for entrepreneurs to figure out if they are a good match. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to ask us if you are unsure.



Your Startup should be solving a problem pain enough that people want to pay to solve it


Your Solution should be 10X better (figuratively) than the current best solution in the market to allow for disruption

Market Size

Your Startup should have the potential to scale to more than 100M in Revenues minimum in a span of 5 to 10 years


Your Startup should be able to produce and maintain a healthy gross profit in the long term


Companies Outside of Southeast Asia

We only fund businesses within Southeast Asia mainly in - Malaysia • Thailand • Indonesia • Vietnam • Philippines • Singapore

For the Accelerator, we only accept companies in Malaysia.

Traditional Businesses or Short Term Project Funding
We do not fund businesses that are purely into restaurants, projects, retail, trading, industrial, or skilled services.
We are looking for Software as a Service, Marketplaces/Platforms (but not limited to those only). In general, we are looking for high growth businesses.



Send us your Startup funding application via this form so that we can process your application as fast as possible. Our Venture Partners will attend to your application and get back to you within a week via email. We will usually call for an initial meeting to understand more about your Startup and then meet again with Investors if you are ready for funding. We will then proceed to negotiations and to draft the term sheet and make the investment.
Why do startups require Angel Investors?

Fast-growing small firms commonly need aid overcoming funding gaps to sustain their growth. Angel investors can be very helpful in these instances by providing the much-needed funds.

Furthermore, angel investors can support startups by sharing contacts and networks to secure additional capital. 

Another reason startups would seek out angel investors would be for the fact that angel investors can provide debt-free financing.

Unlike loans and different forms of credit financing, angel investor funding is usually a much cheaper and accessible option when looking for seed-stage capital.

How much do Angel Investors invest?

While the exact amount is highly dependant on the startup and Angel Investors involved, the investment amount could range anywhere from RM50,000 to RM1,000,000. The average sits around the RM500,000 mark.

What percentage of equity do NEXEA Angel Investors take in return for funding?

Angel Investors typically take between 10-25% equity in a startup, in return for funding.

In the case of NEXEA Angel investors, the percentage of equity tennds to fall towards the lower end of the 10-25% range as it gives founders the right incentive and alignment with Angel Investors to grow the business in the right direction.