Len Meng Fui

Len Meng Fui is a mentor at NEXEA, an early Startup Accelerator, Angel Network and Venture Capital. NEXEA has invested in more than 35 Startups across Southeast Asia and is known for creating value in their investments. NEXEA is backed by experienced entrepreneurs who have done their M&As and IPOs or are CEOs of publicly listed companies. More importantly, they want to give back to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Len is a specialist in portfolio strategy, insurance and risk management. He amassed extensive knowledge and experience in this field from having spent 38 years in the insurance industry, during which period, he has held CEO/Founder positions.

Meng Fui is currently a Director/Founder of Bridge ICD Sdn Bhd, a provider of soft skills training to organisations for more than 20 years. They have built a repertoire of experience in intellectual capital development across a wide range of industries during this time.

He develops operational strategies for the company using his extensive experience in operational management.

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Len Meng Fui NEXEA