Multi-Corporate Accelerator Program 2020

For Startups: Get Support & Funding From Successful Mentors And Work With Corporates

Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia

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Apply For The NEXEA Startup Accelerator Program

Get Funding, Top Mentors, Experts, And Partners Supporting Your Company

Startup Accelerator Program For The Top Early-Stage Startups In Malaysia

Background Of The NEXEA Startup Accelerator 


Startup Accelerator Program in Malaysia

The NEXEA Startup Accelerator Program is a leading accelerator program in Malaysia, backed by successful mentors/investors who have found success themselves.

We push Startups to get invested by the end of the startup accelerator program by using our proprietary Startup Validation Methodology.

The results are our portfolio of notable Startups who are the top 5 companies out of 500+ applicants every year (top 1%) where they continue to grow fast year on year.

Actual Business Mentors That Actually Invest

 Invaluable Knowledge, Experience & Network For Startups

NEXEA partners running the Startup Accelerator program

NEXEAs Mentors are selected from only the backgrounds that can actually help Startup founders like yourself.

NEXEA Mentors are people who have gone through M&As, IPOs, who have been CEOs, business owners, or board members.

The mentors have created huge value by sharing their network, knowledge, and experience in their specific area of expertise and industries.

14 Reasons to Join the NEXEA Accelerator Program

startup accelerator malaysia

  1. Validate if you have a strong product or are in a large enough market
  2. Learn how VCs pick companies to invest in
  3. Receive comprehensive support from mentors, corporates, and experts
  4. Accelerate your learning & growth via the Accelerator- program activities
  5. Access angel investors, family offices, and venture capital
  6. Get potential customers – via the media and networking opportunities
  7. Develop your team’s skills required to run a Startup
  8. Manage the risks of running a Startup by having fundraising and mentor support
  9. Get an outsider’s perspective of your own company via strategic mentoring sessions
  10. Grow the company faster in general via key sales & marketing learnings from peers & marketing experts
  11. Boost motivation & morale by meeting like-minded entrepreneurs
  12. Increase your chances of successful funding rounds & exit
  13. Feel the pressure to work efficiently and effectively, learn to optimize your time management   
  14. Additional support post-accelerator like mentors, alumni group & more. Bonus: The top 5 Companies receive RM50,000 in funding.

Startup Accelerator Program Mentors

Startup Mentors with NEXEA are unique in that they are picked very carefully. NEXEA Investors go through rigorous vetting to ensure that they can really add value to companies that we invest in. We only accept people that have been an entrepreneur, have a very strong network, has developed an industry, but most important of all – have a very strong reputation in the business community.

This is to ensure the top startups meet only the top investors.

They are important because they are a select group that no longer needs money – but have a need to help the next group of entrepreneurs to succeed. Nobody can mentor better than them!

Special Partnership Agreements

For NEXEA Startup Accelerator 2020

Get Access To More Than RM1.5 Million in Services and Support From Technology Giants Providing Help To Startups

Our Startup Accelerator provides Startups with help that allows them to test their technology with the help of tech giants. These benefits help Startups develop their MVP or even their full product on the cloud with full access to the latest IT infrastructure and platforms in the market today.

NEXEA Corporate Partnership

Work With Top Corporates in Malaysia

Invaluable Network, Pilot Testing & Partnership Opportunities For Startups

Network with NEXEA Partner Corporates to understand how they work with Startups

Potentially test your products and services with NEXEA Partner Corporates as your customers

Potentially partner with NEXEA Partner Corporates that are interested to work with Startups

Corporate Partners

NEXEA Multi-Corporate Accelerator 2020

Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia

NEXEA's Corporate Partners are active in a wide variety of industries. Ranging from Financial Services to Bottled Mineral Water. The Corporates are especially interested in working with startups that are active in the following industries:

Recruitment Platforms

Ads Analytics






Data Analytics & Insights

Business Process Automation

Distribution Partners

Workflow Automation




Product Incubator

FMCG for non-alcoholic beverages


Corporates have greatly strengthened our marketing programs. They have also helped us build trust for our other and future clients, as the corporate’s name gave Krenovator more credibility. We learned a lot from the corporates in terms of project management which we could directly implement in our own startup.

Once we gained the trust of our corporate partners/clients, we had new strong and reliable revenue streams. What’s more, we gained strong partners that we can collaborate with for our future projects.

- Mahadhir Yunus, Founder & CEO, Krenovator

 Startup Accelerator Companies

Some of the happy Startups who took part in NEXEA’s past Accelerator Programs

Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia
Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia

Startup Accelerator Funding Numbers

Investment Statistics of  NEXEA Companies


Startups Funded

» 50%

Post-Accelerator Funding


Top Investors & Mentors

3X to 16X

Yearly Startup Growth

» 100M

Consolidated Revenues

50K to 1M

Funding Range

Startup Accelerator Program Breakdown

Accelerator Program Structure

This Startup Accelerator in Malaysia is unique as it is not a regimented mass-education model Accelerator Program. We focus on few Startups that we believe we can create additional value with our successful mentors.


Application Open

December 1st 2019


Application Close

March 8th 2020

Filtering Process


2 Month Pre-Accelerator

March 27th

3 Month Accelerator

June 1st

The Startup Accelerator Deal

Equity For Mentors, Partners, Experts, and Cash

The Benefits of our Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia

The Startup Accelerator provides Startups with Millions worth of Partner Benefits, RM50,000 Cash and Mentorship during the program in exchange for 8% Equity.

This was decided as a solution to the complexity in agreeing on the valuation of idea-stage Startups so that we can get on with building great companies.

It also acts as a transparent idea-stage funding deal for all our Accelerator Startups.

    2 + 3 Month Personalised Accelerator Program

    Customised Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia

    We guide Startups through a 2 + 3 month program with the goal that most Startups will be able to raise funds at the end of the program.

    This is done by improving traction, strategy, and the other fundamentals of a Startup with the guidance of mentors and experts. We also have a strong focus on validating the market, product and revenue of the startup.

    Improving these attributes of any Startup sends the right signals for any Investor to be very interested in your Startup.

      The Ultimate Mentors

      Best Startup mentors at  Startup Accelerator Program Malaysia

      Our Startup accelerator mentors are real businessmen that have exit/sold their business or currently run a public listed company. Most of them have experienced running a company from scratch to finish. Our mentors are also Angel Investors in Malaysia, so we are able to provide the best insights from the investment community.

      Our mentors provide Startups with a network of CEO-level connections across Malaysia, huge knowledge & experience base, and intense, dedicated mentoring sessions.

        Additional Information About The Accelerator Program

        What Happens During The Program?

        – For most of the program, your time will be spent on improving your business. There are minimal workshops and no classes so that founders can focus on growth.


        2 Month Pre- Accelerator 

        – The 20 selected startups will go through a rigorous basic program where they will receive mentoring, consultancy, Amazon Web Service cloud credits and more.

        – At the end of the two months, those 20 startups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors in order to be selected for the second part of the program.


        3 Month Accelerator 

        – The top 5 will receive RM50,000, mentorship & support from the best as they grow their sales.

        – They will get access to facilities and potential pilot testing opportunities.

        – During the Demo Day, the top 5 startups will pitch again in front of investors and corporates for more potential investments and pilot projects to grow your company further.



          What Happens After The Accelerator Program?

          Generally, after the NEXEA Startup Accelerator program, we continue to add value to our companies in a few ways:

          1. Continue to receive mentoring & support from NEXEA & our partners.
          2. Continue to get fundraising opportunities from NEXEA & its Angel Investors
          3. Introductions to local & regional Corporates, VCs, family offices, and Angel Investors.
          4. Engage & network with NEXEA Alumni of other Startup founders to support each other as we grow in numbers.
          5. Continue to receive opportunities & offers from NEXEAs corporate & government partners like grants, free credits, events & learning opportunities.

          Am I Guaranteed an Investment or Commercial Partnership When The Program Ends?

          No, there are no guarantees. This will depend on the outcomes of the pilot projects and/or NEXEA’s Assessments.

          NEXEA Accelerator Program Application Requirements

          Startup Investment Guidelines For Companies Looking For Capital And Support

          Startup funding is reserved for technology Startups that meet our Startup Fundamentals criteria. Below is a rough guideline for entrepreneurs to figure out if they are a good match. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to ask us if you are unsure.


          Scalable Tech Startup

          Your business model should be scalable to be able to grow exponentially in the long term (we do not accept traditional businesses)

          Disruptive Nature

          Your Solution should be 10X better (figuratively) than the current best solution in the market to allow for disruption

          Market Size

          Your Startup should have the potential to scale to more than 100M in Revenues minimum in a span of 5 to 10 years

          Based in Malaysia

          For mentoring purposes, we only accept Malaysia based companies where a majority of the team is local.

          Apply For The NEXEA Accelerator Program

          Get Top Mentors, Experts, And Partners Supporting Your Company

          Startup accelerator applications are processed quickest via this form. Our Analysts will guide you through the application process usually within a week via email. We try our best to meet Startup founders every week to determine if there is a good match.