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We Support Startups And Investors to Create Value

Out Startup Fund supports entrepreneurs with a full ecosystem stack consisting of the angel network, mentors, and consulting services. We invest into or fund Startups from idea stage to early stage. Our carefully selected mentors (successful businessmen) create huge amounts of value by providing their guidance regularly, on top of sharing their experience and network.

We support our startup Angel Investors by handling the entire investment process and its painful tasks and processes like finding startups, evaluating them, all the way to tedious paperwork. We also support family funds and family offices to achieve a balanced portfolio by managing funds in high-risk, high return investment assets.

Investment Diversification | Angel Investors Malaysia & Southeast Asia

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Our Startup Accelerator & Venture Capital Information Technology Partners

** get access to more than RM1,500,000 IN SERVICES and SUPPORT from THESE TECH GIANTS

Our Startup Accelerator and Venture Capital provides Startups with help that allows them to test their technology with the help of tech giants. These benefits help Startups develop their MVP or even their full product on the cloud with full access to the latest IT infrastructure and platforms in the market today.

** Partner benefits are subject to their qualification criteria. Contact us for more information.

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