Artin Vaqari

Artin is a mentor at NEXEA, an early Startup Accelerator, Angel Network and Venture Capital. NEXEA has invested in more than 35 Startups across Southeast Asia and is known for creating value in their investments. NEXEA is backed by experienced entrepreneurs who have done their M&As and IPOs or are CEOs of publicly listed companies. More importantly, they want to give back to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Artin has close to 20 years experience in running, managing and marketing businesses. As a successful entrepreneur, Artin has created multiple businesses that have generated millions in revenues, with a lean start-up approach, without spending too much on sales, marketing and advertising.

He is the co-founder of Kavaq Business Intelligence, a training provider in South East Asia and Middle East since 2003. In 2010, Artin founded Purchasing & Procurement a leading provider of training & consulting in procurement and supply chain.

Operating through the web property – – it currently attracts about 70,000 business visitors a month, that are looking for strategies, techniques and tactics on improving their supply chain & procurement operations.

Due to his expertise in sales & marketing, Artin was headhunted to be the Chief Marketing Officer of Anvia Holdings Corporation, a US public listed company in OTCQB markets.

His straight-forward & direct approach will help anyone to realize what are their strengths, areas they can improve upon and the results-oriented approach they need to adapt to build their sales & marketing for quick returns and positive cash-flow.

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