TJ Quah

About TJ Quah

Quah Teik Jin is a Partner at NEXEA, an early Startup Accelerator, Angel Network and Venture Capital. NEXEA has invested in more than 35 Startups across Southeast Asia and is known for creating value in their investments. NEXEA is backed by experienced entrepreneurs who have done their M&As and IPOs or are CEOs of publicly listed companies. More importantly, they want to give back to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

He is part of the founding partners for NEXEA and is also part of the Investment Committee. With a background in systems engineering and ample experience in the IT industry, it makes him a strong mentor for Startups. He believes in integrating technology into businesses and is an active guide to Startups.

Quah Teik Jin is the co-founder, former Group Managing Director and board member of TFP Solutions Bhd. As the Group Managing Director, he guided TFP Solutions into becoming a leading solutions and services player in the manufacturing and services sectors of Malaysia and ASEAN. He resigned from his position in 2017.

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