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Why Work at Venture Capital or a Startup?

Working along side entrepreneurs in order to grow businesses can be a rewarding experience as it allows you to gain exposure to and ally yourself to innovative thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. In a fast growing economic region such as SEA, NEXEA allows you to gain access to a pool of future technology giants and entrepreneurs that will form the line up of future blockbuster technology firms to come. Apply now to be a pat of disruptive technology and future thinking!

How Do You Get a Job at Venture Capital OR Startup?

Applying for a jobs & internship at Venture Capital (NEXEA) is usually done via the form below. We do not always advertise our jobs here – so you are welcome to try and apply for a job via the form below.

At any point in time, we or our Startups are in the midst of hiring great talent. Applying for High Growth Tech Startup Jobs: Apply now via the form below to be shortlisted & to have your information shared to our Startups.

What is it like at one of our Startups?

Be a part of Disruptive Change

NEXEA Startups prioritise disruptive change in the technology industry.

Business leaders are Investing in Operational Efficiency, Innovation Talent, New Revenues, & Stronger Business Models via Startups. 

Join a startup family today to be part of disruptive change!

Be inspired by Future Technology

NEXEA Startups are characterised by constantly striving disruptive technologies powering change in the Malaysian and SEA region.

NEXEA Startups have capable, efficient and scalable business models and are business' unbounded by borders and legacy issues.

Community & Diversity

Considering the number of companies within our portfolio, these represent innumerable learning opportunities from a number of future tech giants which NEXEA cultivates. 

This also represents incalculable opportunities to work with different companies with different business models. Exposure to different cultures 

Awesome Opportunities in a variety of environments 

Our Startups are constantly on the lookout for new talent. From delivery services to IT and IOT, our NEXEA Startups are future technology giants that are in the process of cultivating new talents and constantly on the lookout for fresh, young and new perspectives. Working at a NEXEA startup gives you the opportunity to rub shoulders with future technology industry leaders. The value of these networking opportunities in addition to the educational opportunity of working at an up-and-coming startup can be greatly facilitated by one of our disruptive startups. 

We’ve had many interns from come to intern and learn about our regional cultures. Malaysia is predominantly English-speaking for business, and is of close proximity to many Southeast-Asian countries. It is a truly a great place to explore many cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs At Startups

Here are some FAQ's on Startups Jobs

Unfortunately, given that we typically receive hundreds of applications each year, we are only able to acknowledge that your application has been received.

If you have applied online, an acknowledgement is sent to you as soon as your application is successfully emailed to us.

Our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible.

Depending on the position and the required consultation with the department, however, it may take some time. We thank you for your patience and kind understanding.

Our companies are high growth technology companies. They are challenging workplaces with constant changes and huge learning opportunities.

NEXEA is open to different ideas, perspectives and cultures. This is why we work hard to ensure NEXEA is a diverse and inclusive environment.

We believe in treating everyone, from our employees to our clients, with the utmost dignity and respect.

Our team comes from all walks of life and all around the world – from psychology majors to IT degree holders, originating from South-East Asia, Africa and Europe.

We seek to develop talent in the communities where we operate and are working hard to support our interns in adopting flexible and alternative ways of working.

Make sure your resume has all the necessary details and contact information are accurate so that we can get in touch if you are shortlisted. 

We recommend sending in applications earlier than the due date so that we can plan ahead and hire faster

No, after you have submitted an application, you are unable to make changes.

Please ensure that your information is correct before submitting.

Apply for your Job at NEXEA or one of our Startups now!

*Applicants interested in NEXEA or one of our Startups apply through the same form so be sure to indicate your preference in your application! We will contact you if further information is need.

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