Why Every Angel Investor Should Join An Angel Investor Network

Last updated on 25th March 2022

Angel investing has evolved into a major source of fuel for the national economy, jobs, and new innovation, in addition to being trendy and highly profitable. Angel investors have become a primary source of finance for entrepreneurs, and for many firms, a necessary component of their survival. What is the relationship between angels and networking? What makes this form of fundraising unique?

What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor (also known as a private investor, seed investor, or angel funder) is a wealthy individual who offers financial support to small businesses or entrepreneurs in return for owning stock in the firm. Angel investors are frequently found among an entrepreneur's relatives and friends. Angel investors' cash may be a one-time investment to assist the firm get off the ground, or they may be a continuous infusion to support and sustain the company through its challenging early phases.

How To Be An Angel Investor?

An Angel Investor (also known as a private investor, seed investor, or angel backer) is a wealthy individual who invests in small businesses or entrepreneurs in exchange for a share of the company's ownership. Angel investors are frequently discovered among an entrepreneur's friends and relatives. Angel investors are basically anyone who has extra money to invest in a business or firm, and there is a tax advantage for angel investors in Malaysia.

Criteria For Angel Investor

In general, an angel investor is a high-net-worth individual who invests in a startup firm in exchange for a piece of the company's ownership. An angel investor must meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 5 years of domain knowledge or managerial experience
  • Either a high-net-worth individual or a high-earning individual
  • High net Worth Individual - A person with a total wealth or net personal assets of RM 3 million or more in foreign currency; or
  • High-Income Earner - A gross annual income of not less than RM 180,000.00 in the preceding twelve (12) months; or a gross annual income of RM 250,000.00 in the preceding twelve (12) months jointly with one's spouse
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What Is An Angel Investor Network?

An angel investor network is a collection of angel investors that have banded together to make larger investments, work more efficiently, and offer mutual support. Angel networks and angel groups are two terms for the same thing. Members of the angel network gather to hear presentations from entrepreneurs, then examine the ideas and make investment decisions.

Angel networks frequently partner with other similar organisations to make investments. Most angel networks concentrate their efforts in areas where some of their members have prior experience or knowledge, though they are usually open to investing in other areas as well. The most prevalent sectors of investment for angel networks, according to the Angel Capital Association, are software, medical devices, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Benefits of Angel Investor Network

Angel investing is becoming more popular as an asset class, and many accredited investors want to learn more about how they may become involved. Start with a local l angel group to find an answer to this question. Working alongside like-minded angels is the best approach to simplify the difficulties of angel investing.

There are numerous options for investment, including investing on their own or informally with friends using online portals for accredited investors and collaborating with local startup accelerators. While angel groups are more traditional than cloud investment, they do provide excellent returns, especially when compared to an individual angel investor.

Flexible Participation

Angel Investor Network recognise that members have varying levels of commitment and interests, and they invite investors to participate in the organization in the way that best suits them. Members can participate in events such as pitch competitors, screening meetings, due diligence sessions, educational and networking opportunities and so forth.

Most clubs have limited or no investment restrictions and each member has complete discretion over whether or not to invest. Every group is a little different, so make sure you know what to anticipate before you join. If members are mutually supportive and engaged with the group, groupings become more beneficial to them in the long run.

Deal Flow And Due Diligence Source

Hundreds of applications are reviewed by most angel groups each year, with applicants coming from online applications, conferences, pitch competitions, syndicate partners, and personal relationships. Each year, invitations are sent to 20–30 companies to formally pitch the groups' members. Groups typically undertake due diligence on 25 per cent to 50 per cent of the proposals provided. As a result, every month, an angel group is likely to evaluate at least one investment possibility.

Follow-up meetings with founders, calling customers, doing personal reference checks, and negotiating or reviewing contracts are all examples of due diligence tasks. Unless one angel investor can devote full-time to sourcing, vetting, and assessing investment prospects, the advantage of enlisting the help of a group far surpasses the difficulty of going it alone.

Finding A Good Match For Your Money

One of the risks of making independent angel investments is not knowing whether the entrepreneur will be able to raise more funds. Writing that check is a leap of faith in and of itself; doing so without knowing whether or not additional capital will be pooled with yours can be unsettling.

Investing with a group of angel investors can assist to mitigate this risk. Transparency in a startup's investment by the entire group provides some assurance that there is sufficient cash for a sustainable runway.

Access To Investing Resources And Tools

Angel groups frequently give members a variety of tools and services to help them manage deal flow and track investment activities more effectively. Many of these instruments can be purchased individually, but without a bigger group to compare them to, they can be pricey and ineffective.

Many angel clubs also allow members to fund funds through a special purpose vehicle (SPV), which allows them to invest less than $25,000 in any individual project. This is a terrific alternative for people who want to establish a portfolio of investments by participating in a variety of deals with smaller check quantities.

Knowledge and experience are gathered.

The sharing of collective expertise among members is one of the most valuable effects of bringing together multiple angel investors into one organisation. Angel investors frequently prefer to invest in industries with which they understand. It makes sense; angel investing is hazardous enough, and backing businesses in new areas can be intimidating.

However, statistics suggest that diversifying an investor's portfolio is the best approach to maximise their chances of making a profit. Individuals can obtain exposure to topics they might not consider on their own by combining investors from various backgrounds into one group. Members benefit from having access to other members' perspectives, which are frequently provided by professionals from the same industries as those presented by startups.

Angel group settings are a terrific way for people to learn more about angel investing, in addition to exchanging knowledge about specific investment prospects. A simple internet search will turn up a slew of articles on the subject, which is a wonderful place to start. However, one of the best ways for novice investors in the area to get their feet wet is to dive into the process alongside experienced angels.

NEXEA's Angel Investment Network

NEXEA Group Sdn Bhd (Formerly known as NEXEA Angels Sdn Bhd) is Malaysia's leading Angel Investment Network, with a focus on Southeast Asian business. Because of our proven track record and multiple high-growth firms in our portfolio, NEXEA has a large network of angel investors who fund and coach startups. At NEXEA Angel Investment Network, we worked with investors and businesses in a unique approach.

We do not make money until our investors do, and even then, it is only a portion of their profit. NEXEA is motivated to drastically improve return rates by investing in only the best firms and only hiring the best mentors (successful CEOs, entrepreneurs, and C-Suite Executives) to guide the startups.

NEXEA reviews over 1000 companies each year to ensure that we present investors with 3-10 high-quality investments each year. The selected companies are screened using a proprietary startup principles methodology. Our due diligence procedure, background checks, and investment committees must all be passed by each startup.

NEXEA's Angel Investor Network provide several advantages. We assist our investors by handling the legal parts of startup investments, such as your Term Sheet, Due Diligence, and other legal matters and offers startup support that no other angel groups can match. Because of our understanding of the industry, we are able to advise startups on technology and business tasks.

Our angel investor network allows our investors to invest in many firms with the same amount of money, lowering their startup investment risks significantly. To assist new investors in the group, we encourage our investors to share their investment and business experiences with one another improving their investment's success rate.

NEXEA angel investor network
Some of NEXEA's Partners & Angel Investors

In Closing

Participating in an organized angel investor network gives several time-saving and experiential benefits, whether you are exploring a hobby or wanting to devote many hours each week to angel investment. It is also a wonderful place for seasoned angel investors to share their knowledge with newcomers to the field.

Give the group setting a try if you have been walking the route alone or have considered getting into angel investing. It is possible that you might actually enjoy it.


What Is A Angel Investor Network

How To Be An Angel Investor?

Benefits of Angel Investor Network

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