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I have often needed a list of Venture Capital (VCs) that invest in Malaysia for work. However, I find most lists extremely lengthy and confusing. So, here is a simple list of venture capital in Malaysia, updated for 2017.

These lists include Venture Capitals that are not based in Malaysia but do invest in Malaysian companies. Inactive VCs are not included. If you know more VCs, Accelerators, or Incubators, please comment below so I can add it to the list.

What Value Does a Malaysian VC or any VC globally Bring To Your Company?

Is it true that Venture Capital fund managers always bring in value on the strategy and execution of the business? That is far from the truth – from my experience, not many VCs are able to bring in much value. Not only are they too busy managing 10-20 companies per partner, they have to manage many of their Limited Partners (investors) too!

You will need to do the due diligence in order to really understand if a VC is going to add value in addition to capital. This value can be introductions for potential partnerships, their network of other successful founders, or the infrastructure the firm brings.

Usually, the infrastructure and “speciality” of the VC is the most interesting part to look out for – for this is what separates the best from the rest. VCs like Andreessen Horowitz or First Round Capital have a dedicated team of marketers, recruiters and other resources to bring into a company they invest in. At NEXEA, we have dedicated lawyers, regional level CFOs, many world-class CEOs that mentor and invest in Startups and other support infrastructure in place.

All those unique benefits from NEXEA are built in to all our products intentionally to maximise the value of our investments. You will see it in our VC, Angel Network, and even our new Venture Builder (Malaysia) program for entrepreneurs.

Very Early Stage Investment Venture Capital in Malaysia (<US$1m)

Venture Capital is a type of funding provided to Startups that is long-term and is usually a high risk, high reward form of investment.

Later Stage Investment Venture Capital in Malaysia (>US$1m)

List of Accelerators in Malaysia (Idea Stage Startups)

An accelerator is a 3-4 month program that helps Startups jump-start their business with about RM50k for about 8%. Startups that graduate should be able to raise funds. Accelerators usually offer mentoring and coaching, as well as networking opportunities.

Update: Here is an updated, full list of Startup Accelerator Programs in Malaysia

List of Incubators in Malaysia (Idea Stage Startups)

An incubator is a place where startups gather in one workspace, funded by an investor group. Startups stay there until they have grown too large. Mentorship is provided, including shared learnings from CEO peers.

List of Venture Builders in Malaysia

There is a deep correlation between the startup ecosystem and the venture-building universe: The venture-building company is similar to a high-paced tech startup, where the product is the venture, the prototype is the business model, and ‘shipping code’ means perfect and timely execution. In this regard, the venture builder is essentially a startup that builds startups.

Find out more about our venture builder program below:

Venture Builder made for aspiring entrepreneurs in Malaysia that do not have fully validated business plans yet.

List of Government Grants in Malaysia (Early Stage Startups)

A government grant is a financial award given by the federal government to an eligible startup. In Malaysia, this usually originates from the Ministry of Finance. 

Grants are non-repayable funds or products disbursed or given by one party (grant makers), often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often (but not always) a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual. In order to receive a grant, some form of “Grant Writing” often referred to as either a proposal or an application is required.

I have listed the Government Grants available in Malaysia (for Startups):


I hope you found the list of Startup venture capital in Malaysia to be useful – give me 5 Stars below if you do!  Also, let me know below if you have more to add – I will definitely edit this post. You may ask me anything regarding funding below. 

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