Startup Valuation Methods & Fundraising

Startup Valuation Methods & Fundraising Slides

Here are the slides presented at MDEC's Fundraising Workshop on 26 Oct 2017. Content: Most commonly used startup valuation metrics, and fundraising strategies. If you have any questions regarding the slides, feel free to ask in the comment section below or email us directly ([email protected]). 

If you are particularly interested in SaaS business model valuations, find below an additional report on How to value a SaaS Company. And, you can check out the following link for more information on publicly traded SaaS companies: Data on publicly listed SaaS companies


Here is an additional report on SaaS business Valuations.

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Written by Noomi

Partner in Nexea. Nexea is an Investment Group with investees throughout Southeast Asia. We are constantly looking for startups with strong teams & interesting business models to invest in & work with.

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2 comments on “Startup Valuation Methods & Fundraising”

  1. Hi there,

    Would like to enquire about the fees for valuation for my company.

    Subject: 100% equity interest in Picha Sdn. Bhd. (“Picha”). Picha holds a subsidiary, Fresh Zucchini Sdn. Bhd. (“FZ”), and the engagement includes a valuation of FZ. We understand that the nature of the businesses of Picha and FZ as follows:

    Picha is in the business of food catering and buffet service. Based on our preliminary research, Picha is a social start-up platform that matches chefs (who are refugees in Malaysia trying to earn a living by cooking their home countries’ cuisines) to customers (which may be B2B or B2C).

    FZ is a social media advertising start-up business.

    Purpose: for sale of shares, for strategic planning and decision making

    Do let me know!

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