Survey: Startup 
Environment Malaysia

This survey will give us insight into the startup environment in Malaysia. Help us understand the 
challenges & help us to stay up-to-date on all the problems. This survey will be answered by 
startups all over Malaysia.
Help support the Malaysian Startup Ecosystem

This Survey will approximately take five minutes to fill in.

We are currently analyzing the startup environment in Malaysia during COVID-19. With the data, we are going to make a report about the startup environment during COVID-19. We hope that with the data we can get a better understanding of the viewpoint of startups regarding COVID-19. So we ask everybody with a startup to fill in this survey.

The report is scheduled to come out in approximately two weeks from now (Today 10th of April). If you would like an update when the report is being published we have set up a field for you to enter your email address.

Thank you in advance

All information will be anonymous & your privacy will be protected. We securely store this data. For further information you may refer to our privacy policy.
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