Noomi Fessler

Noomi Fessler is a Partner at NEXEA, an early Startup Accelerator, Angel Network and Venture Capital. NEXEA has invested in more than 35 Startups across Southeast Asia and is known for creating value in their investments. NEXEA is backed by experienced entrepreneurs who have done their M&As and IPOs or are CEOs of publicly listed companies. More importantly, they want to give back to the next wave of entrepreneurs.

Noomi Fessler is one of the partners of NEXEA. She specializes in helping Startups improve their business models and growth strategies. She is experienced in working with Startups and the needs that they require at an early stage. She is committed to helping Startups incorporate technology into their future ventures.

Some of the Startups that she has worked with include Lapasar, which continues to grow in the Malaysian market. Lapasar is an online business that allows for businesses to quickly purchase their supplies needed in bulk. Due to her first hand experience in working with a Startup, she is able to provide valuable insights to future Startups.

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