RingCaptcha FREE premium plan for 6 months

RingCaptcha is integrated with all major global and regional One-Time PIN (OTP) and SMS providers. RingCaptcha is like an OTP/SMS provider marketplace – they route your OTP and SMS notifications through the best available route because they know the best routes for each country/carrier.

You can get the competitive pricing for highly reliable delivery and no provider lock-in. RingCaptcha builds security and reliable layer on top of this OTP/SMS provider marketplace to protect you against fraud (Sybil attacks, Resource Exhaustion, Denial-of-Service), and ensure high deliverability reliability.

RingCaptcha makes it dead-simple to implement phone verification through our cut-and-paste widget and true single REST API call.

Special Rate

RingCaptcha premium plan of USD49/month is available at no cost for 6 months. The premium plan offers features that are not available in other plans including:

● Send direct/notification SMS

● Set SenderId for your SMS (restrictions apply based on country etc.)

● Customize your one-time PIN (OTP) message

● Remove the RingCaptcha logo on phone verification widget

● Full fraud analytics to mitigate against fake phone numbers

● Emergency reload grants you temporary credits to prevent service disruption if your credit card fails

● No price-lock in, we can switch you to a provider of your choice to get the right balance between price & reliability

● Lifetime technical support plus the opportunity to beta test RingCaptcha Inc., new software tool releases

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