Quadrant Biz Digital Company Secretary

Quadrant Biz can offer to our community, both NEXEA funded and not, they are happy to offer a free 1-to-1 consultation with their company secretary before setting up the company.

Quadrant Biz Solutions (QBS)

Who Are We? 

A digital company secretary firm that works to make life easier for business owners. Whether it's keeping on top of all those regulatory compliances, handling general corporate needs or even managing bespoke assignments, we're here to help. Our dedicated team of qualified and registered professional Chartered Secretaries plus our digital cosec platform provide a seamless interface to take care of all your company secretarial requirements. It's efficient and cost-effective while enabling you the highest standards of reporting, disclosure and compliance.

Start-up Programme Benefits:

  • 1-to-1 consultation with QBS company secretary
  • Discounted monthly fee (for 3 months)

To sign up, click here.

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