Startup-Corporate Pilot Program

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Startup-Corporate Pilot Program

Our partners are committed to explore long-term partnerships and innovations with Startups like yours.

NEXEA partners running the Startup Accelerator program

The NEXEA Startup-Corporate Pilot Program is to bring together Startups and Corporates and to have them work together in mutually beneficial ways.

Our vision is to accelerate Corporate Innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) together with the Startup and Corporates of Malaysia.

Pilot Program Benefits

Growth, Validation, Traction, Mentors & Funding

  1. Grow your Startup by having pilot projects with large Corporates
  2. Validate your business with feedback from our Corporate partners and industry experts
  3. Build up traction by having Corporates as potential customers
  4. Real-world product testing & feedback opportunities with help from top mentors (Ex-entrepreneurs who have done IPOs, M&A, and who were CXO’s.)
  5. Get funded by NEXEA and our co-investment partners and join our family of 35+ companies.

Corporate Partners

NEXEA has partnered with Corporates to help Startups to network, conduct pilot tests, and to eventually do business with large corporates. Our goal is to support Startups and Corporates in growing together.


HELP University NEXEA partnership Startup Accelerator

Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  1 | NEXEA

Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  2 | NEXEA

Cradle NEXEA partnership Startup Accelerator

Rhombus Connexion - NEXEA partnership

Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  3 | NEXEA 

Startup Support Partners

Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  4 | NEXEA

You may be eligible to enjoy some benefits from AWS Activate Program with cloud credits up to US$10,000, technical support and training to build and scale your startup.

Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  5 | NEXEA

HERE has agreed to support Startups with location services credits and additional engineer support for the top 5 companies.

hubspot NEXEA partnerhip

 NEXEA has partnered Hubspot to offer our Startups a free tier 90% Discount for paid plans.

sendgrid NEXEA partnership

NEXEA has partnered Sendgrid to offer our Startups a year worth of credits at no cost.

Venture Capital & Accelerator Companies

Happy Startups Backed by NEXEA VC

Runningman Venture Capital funded
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  6 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  7 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  8 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  9 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  10 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  11 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  12 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  13 | NEXEA
Startup-Corporate Pilot Program  14 | NEXEA

VC/Angel Startup Mentors, Startup Experts, and Support Partners

Top-Tier Support For Startups In The NEXEA Ecosystem


Business Network, Knowledge & Experience Support

By Successful Ex-Entrepreneurs (IPO, M&A, CXOs) & Angel Investors

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Business Function, Startup Network & Investor Network Support

Fundraising, Marketing, Legal, Finance, Strategy

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Technology, Consulting, Sponsorship & Grant Support

Up to RM1,500,000 Cloud Services & Support per company

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Startup-Corporate Pilot Program Structure

This Startup-Corporate Pilot Program is unique as it brings not only future funding, but also partnerships, customers, and also resources for your business.

Application Process

We shortlist Startup applicants that are relevant to Corporates and their industry focus.

Pilot Matching Program

We give Startups opportunities to do pilot projects and proof of concepts with Corporates to help your Startup grow.

We also help strengthen your Startup via our Accelerator or Venture Capital programs through the validation process, pivots, and real-world market testing.

Post-Pilot Program

NEXEA or our co-investment partners (VCs) may choose to invest in your Startup during or after the pilot program. 

Program Timeline

The Startup-Corporate Pilot Program includes the Accelerator or Venture Capital program depending on your company stage. The Accelerator starts in July and ends in October. The Venture Capital program can be done at any time.

VC Startup Fund & Accelerator Application Requirements

Startup Investment Guidelines For Companies Looking For Capital And Support

Startup funding is reserved for technology Startups that meet our Startup Fundamentals criteria. Below is a rough guideline for entrepreneurs to figure out if they are a good match. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to ask us if you are unsure.



Your Startup should be solving a problem pain enough that people want to pay to solve it


Your Solution should be 10X better (figuratively) than the current best solution in the market to allow for disruption

Market Size

Your Startup should have the potential to scale to more than 100M in Revenues minimum in a span of 5 to 10 years


Your Startup should be able to produce and maintain a healthy gross profit in the long term


Companies Outside of Southeast Asia

We only fund businesses within Southeast Asia mainly in - Malaysia • Thailand • Indonesia • Vietnam • Philippines • Singapore

For the Accelerator, we only accept companies in Malaysia.

Traditional Businesses or Short Term Project Funding
We do not fund businesses that are purely into restaurants, projects, retail, trading, industrial, or skilled services.
We are looking for Software as a Service, Marketplaces/Platforms (but not limited to those only). In general, we are looking for high growth businesses.

Who Can Join The Program?

Idea Stage Startups

MVP/Prototype Stage Startups

Early revenue making Startups

Seed & Pre-A Startups

All Startups must be technology Startups

What Industries Are Our Corporate Partners Interested In?

We have corporate partners in the following focus areas:

Anything related to Connectivity like cybersecurity, wireless technologies, connected cars, infrastructure, and more.

Startups related to the Internet of Things – Analytics, Data, Security, AI, Architecture, Wearables, Infrastructure, Sensors, Drones and more.

Anything related to subscription and platform solutions for SME businesses. This may include SaaS, marketplaces and e-commerce involving SMEs as customers or participants.

Anything to do with F&B technology – supply chains, software, logistics, analytics and data around restaurants, central kitchens, food suppliers, and franchises.

Any education related startups including software, online learning, career development, LMS, study tools, analytics, and administration.

Anything related to healthcare including clinical efficiency, sensors, monitoring, neurotech, fitness, and more.

Anything related to construction & renovation, interior design, marketplaces, professional contractor marketplaces, and more.