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WOBB is a Malaysian job search platform founded in 2014. Today, they  are on an unwavering mission to be Asia’s most loved job search platform that helps people discover any job with any employer in the market.

They officially launched their mobile app and website in 2015, generating positive traction and feedback from purpose-driven and innovation-led employers searching for a job platform that focuses on company culture.

With this emphasis on company culture and transparency, WOBB offers jobseekers virtual tours through rich media content and tailored corporate profiles. WOBB enables jobseekers to assess culture fit with potential employers – saving time for everyone.

If you need to post for a job application.

  1. Package A: For 10 Invested Startups of 2019
  • 1 FREE Job Token
  • 40% discount on Job Tokens (minimum purchase of 3 Job Tokens is required)
  • Student Producer Content – 1 interview style video + 8 professional photos for RM2,500 (comes with FREE unlimited Job Tokens for 3 months)

* 1 Job Token – 1 job advertisement per job token that will be live for 2 months. Unused Job Tokens have no expiry date (Worth RM450)

** Student Producer Content – Instead of our usual creative team production (worth RM12,000), we will be using students to create opportunities and provide a platform for students to gain real-world experiences by working with real-life clients and our creative team. This also greatly reduces the cost for startups who are just starting out

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