“Our partnership with DigitalOcean grants you exclusive access to
Hatch. A startup program that will render promotional credits &
many other benefits. In order to redeem, please apply here
(do.co/hatch) and follow the steps. Please keep in mind that all
startups must qualify.

Application flow for startups:
Step 1: Visit do.co/hatch Be sure to check eligibility requirements
Step 2: Click on the button that says ‘Apply for Hatch” under the
who should apply section
Step 3: Fill out all the application and profile information
Step 4: Make sure to have a copy of verification of portfolio partner
affiliation (email/letter) from Program Director/Manager
Step 5: #TeamHatch will get back to you with all the next steps!

Eligibility Requirements:

● Approved portfolio partner
● Less than 24 months in company duration
● Less than $10 million raised, up to series A
● Credits are only available to companies that have raised less
than <$10M in funding
● Only one promotional credit of $1,000 or more may be
applied to the account of any company.( I.E.any company
that has previously redeemed a credit cannot apply for the
promo offer to be applied to same company

How do the Hatch credits work?
You will be given a fixed amount of monthly credits to be
used over the 1-year program.

How do you select Hatch members?
This program is in beta. We partner with accelerators,
incubators, VC backed firms and all the startups
affiliated with them. See the list for eligibility

What if I have already received credits for my
This program is for new startups that have not used prior
credits with DigitalOcean. See if you fit the application
criteria to start your application

Are there any other limitations on how I use the
Hatch credits?
Yes. You cannot use the Hatch credits for the mining of
cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin mining). You can also not
use the Hatch credits for programs that consume
excessive network capacity, CPU cycles or disk IO. If
you do, DigitalOcean may end your participation in the
Hatch program.

Can I transfer my Hatch credits?
No. The Hatch credits are designed to help you scale
your infrastructure and are not transferable. If you do not
use the credits, they will be forfeited.


Posted on

March 11, 2019