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What is it like at NEXEA?


Challenge Yourself Professionally

Grow faster with a culture of continuous learning and growth. Grow your strengths, and work with people that will back you up on your weaknesses. Grow with your team.

A Great Place To Work At

We are focused on long-term people development. We provide you the right resources and information to be able to work effectively, and strive to make this organisation you can be proud of.

Community & Diversity

NEXEA has an international culture and the pleasure of hosting interns and employees of many different backgrounds.

One of the best Internships you can find

We hire interns all-year-long. Interns will be assigned roles in the area of marketing, events, accelerator management, growth hacking, analysis, and in some cases even directly with the Managing Partner. The roles are assigned by NEXEA and cannot be chosen by the interns. There will be, however, opportunities to learn about the business along the internship. Internships at NEXEA are challenging and require a lot of creativity in problem-solving and independence. Most of our interns end up learning a lot about the business and growing as a person.

We’ve had many interns from come to intern and learn about our regional cultures. Malaysia is predominantly English-speaking for business, and is of close proximity to many Southeast-Asian countries. It is a truly a great place to explore many cultures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jobs At NEXEA & Our Startup Companies

About The Application Process Of Jobs & Internship at Venture Capital & Startups

Will I be notified if I am not selected?

Jobs & Internships at Venture Capital & Startups

Unfortunately, given that we typically receive about hundreds of applications each year, we are only able to acknowledge that your application has been received.

If you have applied online, an acknowledgement is sent to you as soon as your application is successfully emailed to us.

Pointers to get an internship or job at venture capital & our startups

Can I submit my revised Resume or document after it has been submitted?

Make sure your resume & contact information are accurate so that we can get in touch.

Send in applications early so that we can plan ahead and hire faster.

Highlight related experience so that we know you understand what we are looking for.

We prefer longer-term internships because there is less re-training and for interns, there are much more learning opportunities.

How To Get An Internship

Can I submit my revised Resume after it has been submitted?

Can I submit my revised Resume or document after it has been submitted?

No, after you have submitted an application, you are unable to make changes.

Please ensure that your information is correct before submitting.

What kind of Startups Can I work at?

Our companies are high growth technology companies. They are challenging workplaces with constant changes and huge learning opportunities.

When can I expect a response if I am selected?

Application approval process Jobs & Internships at Venture Capital & Startups

Our recruiters will contact you as soon as possible.

Depending on the position and the required consultation with the department, however, it may take some time.

Therefore, please have patience and understanding if it takes some time to receive feedback.

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How Do You Get a Job at Venture Capital?

Jobs At NEXEA & Jobs At Startups

Applying for a jobs & internship at Venture Capital (NEXEA) is usually done via the form below. We do not always advertise our jobs here – so you are welcome to try and apply for a job via the form below.

At any point in time, we or our Startups are in the midst of hiring great talent. Applying for High Growth Tech Startup Jobs: Apply now via the form below to be shortlisted & to have your information shared to our Startups.