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NEXEA is pleased to open the fund to Investors looking for a VC Fund to invest in. We are currently accepting Limited Partners (LPs) for the NEXEA Ventures Fund.

NEXEA Ventures is an Early stage fund for Startups bridging the Angel round to Series A gap. The Fund invests only in scalable technology companies that have the potential to provide high returns.

This fund is open to high net worth individuals and corporates. This fund is registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia and enjoys tax incentives. Individuals and Corporates may also be eligible for tax incentives.

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NEXEA Startup Investment Numbers 

Startups Funded
Successful Business People As Mentors
Funding Deployed
50k - 0M
Funding Range


Investment Diversification | Angel Investors Malaysia & Southeast Asia

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Malaysia • Thailand • Indonesia • Vietnam • Philippines • Singapore • Japan

Tax Exemptions for Individuals and Corporates

Venture Capital

Companies or individuals with business income investing into the VCC to be given tax deduction on the amount of investment made up to RM20,000,000 per year for each company or individual

Income tax exemption on fund profits for up to 10 years or according to fund life

Angel Investment

Angel Tax incentive of RM500,000 for qualified High Net Worth Individuals (Tax Residents in Malaysia)


The number of unicorns per year have grown 20X in the past 10 years

Disruptive technologies are increasing the rate of disruption

Tech Startups today are Cheaper, Faster & Unbounded by Borders or Legacy Issues

References: CB Insights



Large Corporations and Family Offices are embracing Innovation like never before

Startups are the new R&D for Corporates and Family Offices

Business leaders are Investing in Operational Efficiency, Innovation Talent, New Revenues, & Stronger Business Models via Startups

References: Techcrunch, Crunchbase


Disruptive Technologies Powering Change

Capital Efficient & Scalable Business Models

Businesses Unbounded By Borders and Legacy Issues

References: NEXEA Investment Focus



Business Leaders & Moguls As Mentors Help Startups to Learn Faster, Network Better & Grow Stronger

We Provide Investment, Marketing, Tech & Legal Support for Startups

NEXEA Ecosystem of Angels, VCs, Accelerators and Corporates Ensure Full Mutual Benefits for All Members

References: NEXEA Investment Focus


Own A Piece of Next-Generation Corporates of the Future

Learn How Startups Operate and Transform Existing Businesses

Balance Your Existing Portfolio with Startups As A High Risk High Return Asset Class

References: NEXEA



We run an industry-agnostic investment fund with a special focus on the strengths of our Angel Network.

Businesses That Are Scalable & Capital Efficient / Disruptive Technologies / Unbounded By Borders & Legacy Issues

Large Target Markets Ready for Disruption

Within Core Expertise & Related Industries of Angel Network


Partners of Our Venture Capital Startup Fund and Startup Accelerator in Malaysia & Southeast Asia

cradle government grant - angel investor network

Cradle - 50/50 Co-Investment Partnership

mban business angel network - angel investor network

MBAN - Tax Incentive for Angel Investors

sunway education group university nexea

Sunway University- MoU

myharapan social enterprise funding - angel investor network

MyHarapan - MoU

sunway ilabs nexea angels

Sunway iLabs - Accelerator Partnership

wtf accelerator - angel investor network

Watchtower & Friends - Partnership

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

PitchIn - Partnership

magic malaysia accelerator - angel investor network

MyHarapan - CoInvestment Partnership

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

Startup Terrace Taiwan - Expansion Support

sunway university startups - angel investor network

Microsoft Bizspark - Startup Benefits

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

AWS Activate - Startup Benefits

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

MDEC - Ecosystem Support, Tax Deduction

sunway university startups - angel investor network

Google Cloud Platform - Startup Benefits


For Corporate OR Family Offices OR High Net Worth Individual

The minimum investment in the fund is minimum above a few million Ringgit - exact amount to be disclosed upon confirmation of investment eligibility.


NEXEA is pleased to accept investments into NEXEA Ventures.

Please share some information below and our Investor Relations team will contact you to further understand your Investment needs.

We will send more information on the fund NEXEA Ventures and have access to our team to answer any questions you may have on the fund. You will also receive a request to verify that you are indeed a high net worth individual or sophisticated investor.

Please ensure email address is correct. Thanks.
(Southeast Asia Only)