Bridging the Innovation Divide – A Corporate Innovation Methodology in Sight?

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“Industry 4.0” is definitely the catchphrase of business leaders these days, although it is just a small part of Corporate Innovation methodology. Recognising the importance of this phenomenon, funds have been set up in search of better (even unique) solutions for businesses in search of new disruptive business models, topline and profitability enhancement. As the famed investor Peter Thiel says; …

Why Southeast Asia is so attractive for Venture Capital and Private Equity

Why Southeast Asia is so Attractive for Venture Capital and Private Equity

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Southeast Asia Growing in Popularity Southeast Asia came from far in its aim to be an attractive investment area. Over the past years the region experienced a strong economic growth. Since 2012, Southeast Asian startups were able to put in more money than the year before. In a market with over 600 million consumers together with the world’s fastest growing …