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The NEXEA Accelerator is an open Pilot programme for initial investments in high potential Startups.

Some of our Startups have grown from RM0 to RM100,000 per month in a few short months.
Some others have got huge Corporate clients as their first customers.
Most of our graduates get funded by our Angel Investors and co-investment partners.


Get Invaluable Experience & Network from Business Leaders and Moguls As Your Mentors (IPO, Exit, C-Levels)

Get Business, Tech, and Investment support by our Experts & Venture Partners

Get Up To RM1,500,000 worth of Cloud IT and Office Software from our Cloud partners

Get introductions to grants, support, and market access via our Ecosystem partners

Venture Capital Investment Startup Growth Accelerator


Real Support By Business Moguls and Leading Executives

Learn Faster, Network Better & Grow Stronger via Regular Mentoring sessions by Successful Business People (M&A, IPO, C-Levels)

Grow Stronger & Faster with Business Introductions & Industry Experience Sharing by Owners (or ex-Owners) of Successful Companies

Focus on your core business with Marketing, Tech, Finance, & Legal Support by Business Experts


Investment Support by Our Venture Partners & Experts

Focus on growing your company & waste less time in fundraising with Venture Partner support in Investment. 

Grow a stronger company with the support of real Experts in Marketing, HR, Finance & Legal.

Understand your business better with business performance measurement and best-practice sharing across business models and industries.

Sponsored Support By Our Cloud Partners

US$155,000 Free Services by:

Google (US$20,000) Google Cloud, Google Suite, Training & Support

Microsoft (US$120,000) Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office, Windows, Training & Support

Amazon (US$15,000) Amazon AWS, Support & Training


Technology Support By Our Tech Experts

Get a CTO partner for your company to kickstart the business with a working product

Get future-proofing architecting support for a stable user experience as you grow fast

Grow your own tech team with full handover and CTO training for stronger development capabilities

Growth Support by The NEXEA Ecosystem

Get grants and introductions to government agencies that are relevant in supporting your industry.

Potential pilot projects, industry support, and working relationships with Corporates and Family Offices.

Get further follow-on funding via our VC, PE, and Institutional Investor network.



Startup Accelerator in Malaysia & Southeast Asia

Accelerator Program for Startups in Malaysia & SEA

NEXEA Accelerator Program is a leading accelerator program in Malaysia, backed by successful mentors/investors who have done it and found success themselves. We push Startups to get invested by the end of the accelerator program by using our proprietary Startup Validation Methodology. The results are our portfolio of notable upcoming Startups who consist of notable Founders and market leaders.

We focus on creating value for Startups by providing our unparalleled NEXEA Startup Mentorship program into the Accelerator. Our mentors are actual successful Entrepreneurs and businessmen looking to give back to the entrepreneur community. Our mentors have created huge value via sharing their network, knowledge, and experience in their specific expertise and industries.


Startup Accelerator Program Details

How The Accelerator Works

This Accelerator in Malaysia is unique as it is not a regimented mass-education model Accelerator Program. We focus on few Startups that we believe we can create additional value with our successful mentors.

Equity for Mentorship, Partner Benefits, and Cash

The Accelerator provides Startups with Huge Partner Benefits, Cash and Mentorship during the program in exchange for 8% Equity. This was decided as a solution to the complexity in agreeing on the valuation of idea-stage Startups, so that we can get on with building great companies. It also acts as a transparent idea-stage funding deal for all our Accelerator Startups.

1+5 Month Accelerator Program

We guide Startups through a 1 + 5 month program with the goal that most Startups will be able to raise funds at the end of the program. This is done by improving traction, strategy, and the other fundamentals of a Startup with the guidance of mentors. We also have a strong focus on validating the market, product and revenue of the startup. Improving these attributes of any Startup sends the right signals for any Investor to be very interested in your Startup.

Accelerator Mentors in Malaysia

Our mentors are real businessmen that have exit/sold their business or currently run a public listed company. Most of them have experienced running a company from scratch to finish. Our mentors are also Angel Investors in Malaysia, so we are able to provide the best insights from the investment community.

Our mentors provide Startups with a network of CEO-level connections across Malaysia, huge knowledge & experience base, and intense, dedicated mentoring sessions.


Startup Accelerator Benefits

How Startups Benefit from the NEXEA Accelerator

The NEXEA Accelerator is designed for Startups to take full advantage of the mentors, partner benefits, and funding to create maximum growth and interest from Startup Investors.

Successful Business People as Mentors & Potential Investors

Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Cloud, & Digital Ocean credits & access to legal resources worth over US$200,000

Potential Introductions to Corporates, GLCs and Industry Players.

Direct link to Angel investors & Mentors (Successful Business People)

RM50k Cash to Test & Develop Startup


Startup Accelerator Benefits

The 3 Value Creation Engines of Our Malaysian Accelerator Program

  • Real Mentoring By Successful Businessmen & Angel Investors

    Our angel investor network includes seasoned entrepreneurs that have experienced starting businesses from scratch and have succeeded in performing Trade Sales and IPOs. They seek to give back to the business community by sharing their knowledge. Some of them are angel investors in Malaysia, and the rest are in ASEAN.

  • Startup Foundation Consulting

    Every skyscraper has a foundation. Our Startup Funding team consists of people experienced in the startup industry as well as specific business segments and management skills. We help guide our Startups to build a strategic and sustainable foundation to be able to grow fast and steady. Those guiding Startups are currently or were COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and Lawyers of successful businesses.

  • Access to Our Startup Technology Development Partner - Optional

    Our Startup Technology Development team specialises in developing MVPs for Startups to be able to go to market at a lower cost. Our team consists of 3 IT experts who have built software for multi-national startups in the areas of AI/machine learning and big data. Now, they are helping Nexea Startups build the next big thing. We only develop for Startups that we have invested in.
    Note: Most Idea-Stage Startups only need this after the accelerator program once we determine your exact processes and needs after validating the right business model to avoid wastage. This is a separate deal exclusively for our Startups.



The Start-Up Foundation Phase is a month-long phase for us to:

  • Get to know the entrepreneurs better;
  • Determine whether they have the potential to grow; and
  • Asses if they are able to achieve their first milestone.

The Start-up Foundation Phase is free of charge and not in exchange for equity yet. There will be 6 full days of workshops with industry leaders and mentoring sessions to set your KPIs. Only up to 10 teams will be selected to proceed to our 5-month long startup validation phase.


NEXEA Investors + Mentors in the Malaysian Accelerator

Our Angel Investors in Malaysia & ASEAN support Accelerator Startups by opening doors to opportunities and sharing their experience & knowledge

Most of our Angel Investors in Malaysia & ASEAN consist of experienced businessmen who own multi-national business, and who have exited via a trade sale, or IPO, or are currently running a listed company. They provide seed investment to Startups, along with mentorship and networking opportunities for Startups to make full use of their angel funding or seed investment.

Alan Lim

Exit, Media, Expansion

TJ Quah

IPO, IT, Sales
TFP Solutions

Alex Lim

TFP Solutions

Michelle Sum

Exit, Finance, Governance

Joseph Ting

Legal, Commercialisation
Joseph Ting & Co.

Diana Tan

Legal, Property
Joseph Ting & Co.

Warren II Delos Reyes

Exit, Media, Operations
Pepsi Cola, i Sentia

Peter Wee

Ex: PwC, Ricoh Malaysia, Crop Protection

& More Investors + Mentors

We have an extensive network of successful entrepreneurs & mentors


Investment Diversification | Angel Investors Malaysia & Southeast Asia

Connect To Our ASEAN Regional Startups & Angel Investors Network

Malaysia • Thailand • Indonesia • Vietnam • Philippines • Singapore • Japan


Our Startup Accelerator & Venture Capital Information Technology Partners

** Our Startups get access to more than RM1,500,000 in credits and more in form of support from our cloud partners

Our Startup Accelerator and Venture Capital provides Startups with help that allows them to test their technology with the help of tech giants. These benefits help Startups develop their MVP or even their full product on the cloud with full access to the latest IT infrastructure and platforms in the market today.

NEXEA Startups are eligible for $15,000 USD in Amazon AWS Promotional Credit for 2 years plus $5000 AWS Business Support for 1 year. This includes access to the AWS Technical and Business Essentials web-based (or instructor-led) training ($600 value per course) and 80 credits for Self-Paced Labs ($80 value)

Infrastructure credit Startups can receive 12 months of infrastructure credit of $3,000 up to $100,000 USD. Receive 1-on-1 technical consultations, solutions engineering, and priority support ticket response times. Exclusive chats with DigitalOcean founders, access to an exclusive Slack channel for all participating startups & investors, invites to local events.

NEXEA Startups are eligible for up to $20,000 in credit for 1 year. Credit can be applied to all Google Cloud Platform and Firebase products. Get invitations to Code Labs, classroom-style and online training courses to learn everything you need to scale your vision. Schedule 1:1 technical office hours with Cloud Platform Solutions Engineers. Up to 10 free users on G Suite Basic for 12 months. 6 months free of Hire by Google to recruit faster.

NEXEA Startups are eligible for up to $120,000 of free Azure cloud credits, including software such as Office 365 Business Premium. BizSpark puts all Microsoft development and test software at your fingertips, including Azure, Windows, Visual Studio, Office and SQL Server for free. Plus, enjoy access to hundreds of free training classes and technical content to help you on your journey.

IBM is giving away up to $120,000 worth of cloud credit for 1 year. Use these credits to host your solution, as well as, to add exciting services like Watson, Blockchain, Watson IoT and Security. The additional credits also can help you easily configure bare metal GPU servers. Startups may have the opportunity for exposure within IBM’s marketing materials, web sties, external presentations, and advertising for IBM.

** Partner benefits are subject to their qualification criteria. Contact us for more information.


Partners of Our Venture Capital Startup Fund and Startup Accelerator in Malaysia & Southeast Asia

cradle government grant - angel investor network

Cradle - 50/50 Co-Investment Partnership

mban business angel network - angel investor network

MBAN - Tax Incentive for Angel Investors

sunway education group university nexea

Sunway University- MoU

myharapan social enterprise funding - angel investor network

MyHarapan - MoU

sunway ilabs nexea angels

Sunway iLabs - Accelerator Partnership

wtf accelerator - angel investor network

Watchtower & Friends - Partnership

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

PitchIn - Partnership

magic malaysia accelerator - angel investor network

MyHarapan - CoInvestment Partnership

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

Startup Terrace Taiwan - Expansion Support

sunway university startups - angel investor network

Microsoft Bizspark - Startup Benefits

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

AWS Activate - Startup Benefits

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

MDEC - Ecosystem Support, Tax Deduction

sunway university startups - angel investor network

Google Cloud Platform - Startup Benefits



Startup Fund Application Requirements

Startup Investment Requirements

Quite simply, we are looking for Startups with a great potential to grow over the next 5 to 10 years. However, below is a rough guideline as to how we measure Startup Fundamentals to help you figure out if we are the right fit for each other. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to ask us if you are unsure.


Your Startup should be solving a problem pain enough that people want to pay to solve it


Your Solution should be 10X better (figuratively) than the current best solution in the market to allow for disruption

Market Size

Your Startup should have the potential to scale to more than 100M in Revenues minimum in a span of 5 to 10 years


Your Startup should be able to produce and maintain a healthy gross profit in the long term

What we are not looking for

Businesses Outside of Southeast Asia

We only fund businesses within Southeast Asia mainly in - Malaysia • Thailand • Indonesia • Vietnam • Philippines • Singapore

Traditional Businesses

We do not fund businesses that are purely into restaurants, projects, retail, trading, industrial, or skilled services. We are looking for Software as a Service, Marketplaces/Platforms (but not limited to those only). In general, we are looking for high growth businesses.


Apply for our Startup Accelerator Program

Malaysia-based Accelerator Application

Send us your Accelerator application via this form so that we can process your application as fast as possible. Our Venture Partners will attend to your application and get back to you within a week via email. We will usually call for an initial meeting for both parties to determine if we are a good match for each other and proceed thereon.

(Malaysia Only)

Sending us a Pitch Deck (slides) is required.

If you do not have one: Pitch Deck Guide