/neks’āə/ neks-ae-ah

The NEXus of IdEAs

NEXEA comprises of a Venture Capital, Startup Growth Accelerator, and Angel Investor Network in Southeast Asia

NEXEA is an organisation built for Startups and their Investors as a platform to bring huge value to Startups in the form of long-term mentorship, experience sharing, knowledge sharing, network sharing, and Startup Investment Funding.

The Founders of NEXEA crafted our 3 Value Creation Engines for Startups which includes our Business People as Mentors, Startup Consultants, and our Tech Consultants.



Founding Principles of NEXEA

Why We Founded NEXEA

At the inception of NEXEA, we’ve laid a few founding principles that are carried on to this day;

We aim to increase the Startup success rate from 1 in 10 towards 2 in 10 and beyond by supporting as many Startup Founders as we can, and as often as we can.

We do not tell Startups what to do – we support and advise Startups. We advise them via experienced Founders (mentors) who have already found success. 

We do not chase after money – we focus on building up Startup fundamentals the right way. By focussing on fundamentals, the rest will follow.



NEXEA’s Core Activities

How We Actively Grow Businesses Together, Steady and Quick

SEA Startup Fund

We look for Early to Growth Startups to invest in across Southeast Asia. Strengthened with our 3 Value Creation Engines


We look for Idea Stage Startups to Accelerate. Strengthened with our 3 Value Creation Engines

Venture Builder

We work with Founders to help them build strong, sustainable businesses. Strengthened with our 3 Value Creation Engines

Angel Investor Network

We help Angel Investors invest wisely via a structured investment system designed to control risk and help grow Startups.

IT Development Outsource / Technology Partner

We help Startups without Tech founders to build up well designed and scalable systems and to build their Tech team.


NEXEA’s 3 Value Creation Engines

How We Create Value for All Our Startups & Investors

  • Real Mentoring By Successful Businessmen & Angel Investors

    Our angel investor network includes seasoned entrepreneurs that have experienced starting businesses from scratch and have succeeded in performing Trade Sales and IPOs. They seek to give back to the business community by sharing their knowledge. Some of them are angel investors in Malaysia, and the rest are in ASEAN.

  • Startup Foundation Consulting

    Every skyscraper has a foundation. Our Startup Funding team consists of people experienced in the startup industry as well as specific business segments and management skills. We help guide our Startups to build a strategic and sustainable foundation to be able to grow fast and steady. Those guiding Startups are currently or were COOs, CFOs, CMOs, and Lawyers of successful businesses.

  • Startup Technology Development Partner - Optional

    Our Startup Technology Development team specialises in developing MVPs for Startups to be able to go to market at a lower cost. Our team consists of 3 IT experts who have built software for multi-national startups in the areas of AI/machine learning and big data. Now, they are helping Nexea Startups build the next big thing. We only develop for Startups that we have invested in.


NEXEA’s Founding Purpose

Our Promises to Our Stakeholders

We take our role very seriously in creating the right environment and structure for value creation to take place within our Startup ecosystem. For each Stakeholder below, these are our promises.


To help startups grow at their maximum potential by creating the right environment


To help mentors achieve self-actualization by giving back to the next generation of entrepreneurs


To help investors pursue the best investments by providing the best insights


NEXEA’s Partners

Meet The Partners of NEXEA

We came together with the vision that Startups require so much more than just funding. From the very inception of NEXEA, we crafted the 3 Value Creation Engines to be able to build the Fundamentals of a Startup Business to help budding Entrepreneurs.

Ben Lim


Michelle Sum


Danny Lee

Tech Partner

Noomi Fessler


Alan Lim


TJ Quah


Alex Lim


Joseph Ting


Diana Tan



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Partners of Our Venture Capital Startup Fund and Startup Accelerator in Malaysia & Southeast Asia

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Cradle - 50/50 Co-Investment Partnership

mban business angel network - angel investor network

MBAN - Tax Incentive for Angel Investors

sunway education group university nexea

Sunway University- MoU

myharapan social enterprise funding - angel investor network

MyHarapan - MoU

sunway ilabs nexea angels

Sunway iLabs - Accelerator Partnership

wtf accelerator - angel investor network

Watchtower & Friends - Partnership

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

PitchIn - Partnership

magic malaysia accelerator - angel investor network

MyHarapan - CoInvestment Partnership

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

Startup Terrace Taiwan - Expansion Support

sunway university startups - angel investor network

Microsoft Bizspark - Startup Benefits

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

AWS Activate - Startup Benefits

pitchin malaysia equity crowdfunding - angel investor network

MDEC - Ecosystem Support, Tax Deduction

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Google Cloud Platform - Startup Benefits